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South Kensington Art and Design

A couple of weekends ago I rugged up for a trip to South Kensington to visit one of the excellent museums in that area. I’d been wanting to go to the Victoria and… Continue reading

Coffee and donut cupcakes

It’s like morning tea all rolled into one baked good.  Delicious and efficient.

Party with the Wild Things

I was sent this link to a blog where they had a Where the Wild Things are themed party for their little boy.  The cupcakes were very cute, but the wolf suit was better. … Continue reading

More rainbow cupcakes

These ones aren’t so blindingly colourful as the last lot but they are quite cute.

Blueberry and lemon cupcakes

I finally got back to baking items that were decent enough to be photographed by my little point and shoot.  This week’s outing was blueberry cupcakes with lemon icing.  I’ve made a similar… Continue reading

I can sing a rainbow…

Well maybe not, but continuing in the tradition of glorifying other peoples’ cupcake experiments – check out out these lurid rainbow cupcakes.  Rainbow Brite would be proud.

Mmmm cupcakes…

Continuing in my quest to test out my new and improved oven functions I cooked up some cupcakes the other night.  I had to search a while on the internet to find a… Continue reading

Best baking idea ever?

I have only three words – Froot Loop Cupcakes.  Best baking ever? Or devil’s cupcakes?  You decide.