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Happy Birthday to Natalie

Today we visited the Champa ruins at My Son.  They are part of a the old Indian influenced kingdom of Champa.  Many, many centuries old.  It was quite a good trip and the… Continue reading

It’s stopped raining but this new town is flooded…

We arrived in Hoi An very early this morning (about 6am) and were able to immediately go to our rooms.  This meant we were free to unpack, sleep, and shower (rather necessary after… Continue reading

Lizards and mice and bugs…Oh My!

We’ve now completed our first stint on the overnight trains here in Vietnam.  It was certainly an interesting experience and we have three more night trains before we’re done.  In our cabin of… Continue reading

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Finally we went on our boat trip today.  It rained the whole way out to the island, which shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Once there it cleared for a while and some of… Continue reading