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Northerly wanderings

I visited Newcastle this summer for the first time. Prior to my trip lots of people made variations of the “It’s grim oop north” jokes but Newcastle was surprisingly un-grim and I was… Continue reading

Bristol, Bath and beyond…

Skipping from France and Easter 2011 to the west of England for the week before Easter 2012. The weather leading up to Easter had been sunny and warming up but was it too… Continue reading

Paris in the springtime

A few weeks ago I headed off for my first continental holiday in a very long time. Armed with backpack and other essentials I hopped on a train headed for France. It was a… Continue reading

Messages from London…

The Museum of London that is.  Many, many moons ago I made the trek up the Northern line to the Museum of London near the Barbican. It’s a great museum and I highly recommend… Continue reading

This looks familiar

I found this little creature in the Victoria and Albert Museum but he really reminds me of the doorknockers from Labyrinth.

South Kensington Art and Design

A couple of weekends ago I rugged up for a trip to South Kensington to visit one of the excellent museums in that area. I’d been wanting to go to the Victoria and… Continue reading

Canterbury Tales

Not the most original post title ever but that’s what I’m working with.  I took a day trip to Canterbury for an appointment a while ago and although I’m not moving there, it was… Continue reading

Comics, Cartoons and the British Museum

On Thursday I ventured out into the rapidly cooling and far too windy weather to visit the British Museum. As it is often possible to do in London, I walked there.  It’s not… Continue reading

Weekend of markets

The weekend is the best time to enjoy some of London’s markets, so I decided to visit two different parts of London and sample their markets this weekend. This first post is about… Continue reading

A trip down memory lane…

…or more accurately, Kings Road Chelsea.  It was a fine and sunny Saturday here and I’d been wanting to revisit some of my old haunts. My first trip to the UK was about… Continue reading