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Post-apocalyptic shenanigans

I have to admit that I’ve always liked fiction with a post-apocalyptic/dystopian bent especially if the story involves mutants, psychic powers or zombies (usually the result of grotesque pandemics or nuclear holocausts –… Continue reading

Be wary what you use as bookmarks

…or it might just end up on display in a secondhand bookstore. I found this article continuing the books versus ebooks discussion. But I was most interested in the Oxfam shop they found that displays… Continue reading

Friday night brief

I’ve been swimming in job applications for the past few days and my brain has turned to mush.  So, I have found a short little video that is lovely to listen to and… Continue reading

Best idea I’ve read about today

I found it in a quick search through new blog entries about books but it’s fabulous idea.  The blogger who wrote this post was inspired by a Sydney Morning Herald article about A Year… Continue reading

Book Fail…

and we wonder that kids don’t know better than to cite, or plagiarise, wikipedia.  A lot of books today are clearly rubbish (and there is a place for some of that) but copying… Continue reading

Books that changed your life…

I found this article in the Guardian, where authors (fiction, non-fiction etc) were asked – which book changed your life?  Changed a life.  That’s a pretty big call and I don’t know that… Continue reading

By hook or by crook…

… is the name of book about English that I’ve recently finished reading.  Written by linguist and author David Crystal it is a rambling exploration of words, placenames and the ever changing state of… Continue reading