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Northerly wanderings

I visited Newcastle this summer for the first time. Prior to my trip lots of people made variations of the “It’s grim oop north” jokes but Newcastle was surprisingly un-grim and I was… Continue reading

Bath (the obvious bits)

Bath was the second half of my Easter adventure. It’s a lovely city with golden stone buildings and oodles of history, especially if you like Romans or Jane Austen. Although the weather was… Continue reading

Bristol, Bath and beyond…

Skipping from France and Easter 2011 to the west of England for the week before Easter 2012. The weather leading up to Easter had been sunny and warming up but was it too… Continue reading

Chateau Chenonceau

Leaving Tours the next stop was at one of the beautiful Chateaus of the Loire Valley. Chateau de Chenonceau is a beautiful Grand House, set among perfectly manicured gardens. It also boasts the… Continue reading

Happy (belated) birthday to the blog!

I feel bad, I forgot – I’m so terrible at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. This probably should have been my Wednesday post but I lost track of the date. Anyway, it turns out… Continue reading

Canterbury Tales

Not the most original post title ever but that’s what I’m working with.  I took a day trip to Canterbury for an appointment a while ago and although I’m not moving there, it was… Continue reading

Thames Festival – London in the evening

After my visit to Greenwich I returned to Westminster pier and encountered the Thames Festival in full swing.  The waterfront from Westminster to the OXO Tower (that was as far as I walked) was packed… Continue reading

Greenwich boat trip

A few weekends ago I took a river boat to Greenwich to visit the markets and the lovely park that surrounds the observatory. It was a fabulous idea that clearly many other people… Continue reading

Greetings from the Southside

Well, I’ve moved accommodation two weekends in a row now and have ended up south of the river.  It’s thrown my posting off because I’ve spent more time on, admittedly important, things like… Continue reading

More Southbank images

I took more pictures of Southbank during my trip to Brisbane for the Game On exhibition.  Here’s a few of the other good ones.  It was a beautiful day to be out and… Continue reading