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Paris in the springtime

A few weeks ago I headed off for my first continental holiday in a very long time. Armed with backpack and other essentials I hopped on a train headed for France. It was a… Continue reading

Brighton street art

Last summer I spent  a few Saturdays day tripping around the south east of England. One of the places I visited was Brighton. What can I say, I was missing the ocean and… Continue reading

This is not the post I promised

So it turns out I spent most of the weekend planning the coming week and mildly panicking.  I found out on Friday afternoon that I was lucky enough to score two job interviews… Continue reading

Weekend travel in the Capital

Welcome to weekend travel in a city of roughly 7 million people (and don’t forget the tourists).  Some of whom may actually want to travel by tube without having to change lines three times… Continue reading

London travel tip

When you’re standing at the ticket window at Charing Cross station with staff ready to sell you a ticket, this is not the time to answer your phone and tell the person on the… Continue reading

Where was the Hogwarts Express????

London travel tip

The top of the escalator leading to the Jubilee line at Waterloo is not the place to stop and have a discussion about whether or not you want to get on the escalator.  See… Continue reading

A day trip to the country

Yesterday I had an appointment to keep in Dorchester which for those in the know is in Dorset.  Approximately a 2.5 or more usually 3 hour train trip from London Waterloo into the West… Continue reading

Flashback – eight years

Eight years ago this Easter I was in Rome.  It’s not a bad place to spend Easter (although it is one of the busier times of year to be there).  I didn’t originally… Continue reading