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Pros and cons of chainsaws for arms

Cons?!? How could it be anything other than awesome? I mean, if it’s good enough for Ash and excellent for fighting the evil dead…why not? Advertisements

I wish this worked in reverse

Check out this new promotion to get more working holiday makers into Australia.  I could do with a cheap flight to the UK – no swapsies available ?????

And this is why I love Bookninja…

…apart from the fact they’re ninjas.  Check out this freaky clip of a ‘new, realistic’ robot.  Just think, that face could be looking after you in your old age – not creepy at… Continue reading

Han Solo, P.I.

 Accompanied by crack detectives Chewie, Luke and Obi Wan.  Full of win.


It’s been all over the internet the last few days, Cameron’s house from the classic movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is for sale.  Not only is it a stunning architecturally designed house, but… Continue reading

Because I’m a geek…

I really enjoyed checking out these classic Star Trek convention photos from way back when.  It’s interesting looking back at early Star Trek fandom. Check out how young (and thin) William Shatner is.  I can’t believe… Continue reading

Party with the Wild Things

I was sent this link to a blog where they had a Where the Wild Things are themed party for their little boy.  The cupcakes were very cute, but the wolf suit was better. … Continue reading

Link mix tape vol 2

  Lonely Planet are cutting jobs due the global financial crisis and dropping guidebook sales.  It leaves me wondering, are people not buying guidebooks or holidaying because of finances or are they finding… Continue reading

Link mix tape vol 1

Essential food blogs (according to the Times Online). Economic pressures hit UK Libraries. It’s a week old but check out the AV Club’s latest review of comics and graphic novels. The perennial online privacy debate… Continue reading