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Northerly wanderings

I visited Newcastle this summer for the first time. Prior to my trip lots of people made variations of the “It’s grim oop north” jokes but Newcastle was surprisingly un-grim and I was… Continue reading

Canterbury Tales

Not the most original post title ever but that’s what I’m working with.  I took a day trip to Canterbury for an appointment a while ago and although I’m not moving there, it was… Continue reading

Library of Libraries

Yesterday afternoon I walked to St Pancras to have a look at the British Library and a few other sights in the area. I left it rather late in the afternoon, so spent most… Continue reading

Warrior Librarians!

If you’ve recently visited your local Library and thought “What this place needs is a bit more interpretive dancing accompanied by formation book trolley handling and some horns, nice fake ones to wear on… Continue reading

Ray Bradbury loves libraries…

and so should you!  It’s nice to hear someone speak so positively about such public places but I’m a bit concerned by the state of funding for libraries in the US.  And just… Continue reading

Literary action

I found this page on Yahoo answers when catching up with my feed reader yesterday.  Not sure if it’s legit but it would be fantastic if it was.  Banned books rule!

More Southbank images

I took more pictures of Southbank during my trip to Brisbane for the Game On exhibition.  Here’s a few of the other good ones.  It was a beautiful day to be out and… Continue reading

Link mix tape vol 1

Essential food blogs (according to the Times Online). Economic pressures hit UK Libraries. It’s a week old but check out the AV Club’s latest review of comics and graphic novels. The perennial online privacy debate… Continue reading