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Chocolate Oat Biscuits

Chewy and full of chocolate, these are good biscuits.  I’ve made these lots of times but have only just managed to take pictures of them.  Details below. 150 g butter 1/2 cup brown… Continue reading

Buttery lemon biscuits

Welcome to post number 100!  I’d like to think I had something exciting in store but alas, all I have is a recipe for delicious biscuits that I somehow failed to take photos of.  Not… Continue reading


Possibly the silliest biscuit name ever. They are, however, extremely delicious.  I made some the other night from a recipe I found in a Women’s Weekly cookbook.  They’re really easy to make and… Continue reading

Spicy pear cookies

Although my baking has slowed a bit recently, I had some pears that I needed to do something with.  I thought, maybe a cake, or a fruit crumble?  But then I found this… Continue reading