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Books that changed your life…

I found this article in the Guardian, where authors (fiction, non-fiction etc) were asked – which book changed your life?  Changed a life.  That’s a pretty big call and I don’t know that… Continue reading

Presidential picture book

I don’t know what your thoughts may be on the current American president but he does have good taste in children’s books.  Check out Obama reading the classic “Where the Wild Things are“. … Continue reading

We’re going on a bear hunt…

Well maybe not so much.  In a previous post I lauded Bill Bryson’s take on Britain, Notes from a Small Island, for its exploration of that rainy Isle.  I’ve also dog eared a… Continue reading

Favoured book vol 2

There are some books which invite multiple re readings.  I have a fondness for travel stories provided they are amusing, give a bit of insight into the country of visitation and don’t focus… Continue reading

My favourite 12th century epic (you know you all have one…)

I think if there is any medium for expressing my like for, and interest in, historical epics the web is probably the place.  They’re a little obscure, you may have had to do a degree like… Continue reading

Favoured book vol 1

Many moons ago when I was still in the midst of my first degree I liked to wander through the campus bookstores.  The second hand book mart threw a few good finds my way but… Continue reading